Purchaser’s and Seller’s Title Report Checklists

There are possibly easements, covenants, restrictions and agreements that apply to give neighbors rights to limit your use of your property in the future. You should read and understand every type of right that is disclosed in your title report. This Checklist is a helpful list of questions you should ask the real estate broker. If your real estate broker is not able to answer your questions to your satisfaction, you should consider asking your own real estate lawyer.

If you don’t have a title report before you make an offer, there is an important optional Title Contingency Addendum to the Purchase and Sale Agreement [the offer to buy that a purchaser provides to a seller] that will give you the right to review and approve a title report before you are obligated to complete the purchase.

The best time for the Seller to review the Seller’s Checklist is before putting the property on the market. Dwight Bickel recommends for the Seller to receive the title report before putting the property on the market. Many title issues may take time to cure. A Purchase and Sale Agreement that requires a near closing date could cause the Seller to be unable to close before a title problem is cured.

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