Please understand that your message to Dwight Bickel does not create an attorney-client relationship. You should understand that you will not be entitled to confidentiality and will not be considered a client until you and Dwight Bickel both agree and an Engagement Agreement has been signed. Please do not include any information that could be considered non-public, private information.


E-mail transmissions are subject to hacking. You should be very careful about using email related to real property transactions. Fraudsters steal BILLIONS of dollars from Purchasers by tricking them to believe that wiring instructions are coming from the escrow agent, or their real estate broker, after hacking into someone’s email. The fraudster will lurk monitoring messages, then send a message faking to look like it is from your real estate broker, or from your escrow agent, or maybe even from me, with new wiring instructions. If you get tricked by that fraud, your purchase money might be forever lost in China or the Ukraine. Seriously, this happens hundreds of times every month.

ALWAYS call your Escrow Officer to verify WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS before sending your funds!

Payments to Dwight Bickel Title Advisor can be either delivered by check, processed by your Venmo or PayPal accounts using Dwight’s email address [], or by bank cards that can be processed directly by Gravity Payments with no records stored on this website.


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