Consultation Services for Lawyers and Real Estate Professionals

Dwight Bickel is also available to consult with other lawyers, or other real estate professionals, including the ability to act as a testimonial expert in litigation where expert testimony would assist the Court to understand title documents, title insurance policy coverage, escrow duties, or real estate practices in our community.

Mr. Bickel’s experience gives him specialized knowledge of title insurance coverage, escrow duties and requirements for compliance with state and federal regulation of the title industry. His past transaction work also has given him specialized knowledge regarding boundary disputes, easement rights, foreclosures, mortgage modification, workout agreements and bankruptcy.

Typical Consultation Services and Fees

For all consultation services, after discussions with the person requesting assistance, and after conflicts are checked, Dwight Bickel and that person will agree upon the services, limitations and the terms of the engagement. No fees are charged for prior discussions before that engagement has been offered.

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